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The property market in Dubai is Ripe for buyers, with the recent oversupply given the coming Dubai Expo, property prices have been soft giving new buyers and real estate investors an advantage. The
market is predicted to stay this way for a couple of quarters.

Buyers are being offered a wide variety of incentive from service charge freezes to Land department fee waivers and post-handover plans going up to 5 years, this should have a positive impact on the buying market increasing sale transactions with tenants looking at buying as an option more favorably than renting. The rental market is also in favor of the tenant with multiple cheque options and rent-free periods in order to attract tenants.

With Dubai properties, offering the same luxury and convenience of top-end properties in Singapore and London, but at a much lower price point is an attractive investment option. Another incentive offered to investors and home buyers is the new visa system offering long term visa’s to investors up to 10 years for the buyer and his immediate family. This has made investors and end-users consider Dubai from a long-term perspective, in terms of not just an investment destination but rather a place to settle with their loved ones. This initiative by the government will, by all means, give a boost to the economy and attract more long-term investments.

With Dubai as a city offering a high standard of living, and security at a fraction of the price in other cosmopolitan cities, it has become a serious competition and lifestyle the destination for the rich and wealthy including those looking for a family orientated lifestyle, with the city offering the best of education,hospitality and healthcare in the region.